Shashi Tripathi: The anatomy of art

Artist Shashi Tripathi’s fascination with the human body helps her convey key emotions and spiritual experiences in her art.

LR-SHASHI TRIPATHILR-SHASHI TRIPATHI6Artist Shashi Tripathi’s fascination with the human body helps her convey key emotions and spiritual experiences in her art.

Shashi Tripathi has adopted Delhi as her home. Happily pursuing art at Triveni Kala Sangam, she feels art has helped her find roots. As she says, “Due to frequent movement of my parents, I had to undergo schooling in various cities, thereby having to adjust to new surroundings, friends, environment and places. While this affected the stability quotient, it also provided me an insight into varied cultures and taught me to enjoy my space. It also enabled me to discover my likes and pursue my passions, with focus and dedication.”

LR-SHASHI TRIPATHI9Having taken up painting as a hobby was good, but it left a vacant spot in her creative being that remained unfulfilled. The passion in her never peaked. “While I continued satiating my creativity as a hobby, there was always a desire to take it to a more professional level. In 2012, I joined Triveni Kala Sangam, which provided me the platform to explore my avenues in art and painting.”

LR-SHASHI TRIPATHI7Art is one field where the more you know the less you know. The exploration and discovery never ends. “For the last four years I have been learning and improving the quality of my work largely through oil and canvas and acrylic medium,” she adds.

LR-SHASHI TRIPATHI5Artists seldom adhere to the academic. They find their own style and method. Describing her mode, she says, “My style of painting primarily remains contemporary and figurative, where I express my experience in personal relations, human psychology and the myriad moods of mankind.” She ends on a profound note by saying, “The journey shall continue, as I know I have miles to go before I sleep” and she signs off smilingly.

ART CRITIC RENU RANA ON SHASHI: “Fascination with the human body is apparent in Shashi’s works. The hands, feet and faces, as independent parts, or combined as a body, enthrall the artist in her. Not only are they central to her compositions, they are a key to how she uses her visual space.”

LR-SHASHI TRIPATHI3Remarks Renu, “The emotive, spiritual or mental experiences use the body/parts, to harness and project them. The expressions form a curious aspect of her works, as they are measured and purposeful. Even the parts are not randomly placed. They are firm and sure, lending meaning to the composition. Shashi experiments with tertiary colors but returns to the safe harbor of primary ones. Considering her recent foray into the world of art, she has certainly come a long way.”

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