Romeo and Juliet: The Verona Manuscript

Verona’s Club di Giulietta or Juliet Club will use ink and quill to copy Shakespeare’s play Romeo and Juliet in an event, from February 14 to April 23 to celebrate World Book Day.

ShakespeareShakespeare’s original manuscript has never been found. For this reason the Juliet Club and the City of Verona, under the patronage of UNESCO and from an idea by Luca Brunoro, are starting a special event to mark the 400th anniversary of Shakespeare’s death—the copying by hand of the whole play “Romeo and Juliet”. Ink and quill will be used in the manner of Shakespeare’s time.

Citizens, tourists, students, everyone is invited to copy, in their own handwriting, a single line of the story, which will symbolize sharing and brotherhood among people, languages and cultures, and will be a reminder at the same time of the message of peace in the last verses of Shakespeare’s work.

The premiere will take place in Verona at Juliet’s House on February 14th and will be continued in the following months until April 23rd, the anniversary of Shakespeare’s death and World Book Day. The manuscript will be written in both Italian and English.

The Civic Library and the Juliet Club will host dedicated writing desks provided with paper, ink and quills, where everyone will be able to participate in this unique experience. All papers will then be collected and bound in the ancient way composing a precious volume that will be called “The Verona manuscript”. The book will be presented during an official ceremony on April 23rd 2016 and then kept in a meaningful place in Verona.

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