I felt women who smoked, drank were bad: Nawazuddin Siddiqui

But not anymore, says the actor, who spoke about his life, films and his upcoming book at Penguin’s Spring Fever 2016.

But not anymore, says the actor, who spoke about his life, films and his upcoming book at Penguin’s Spring Fever 2016.

LR-Nawazuddin SiddiquiFor the fifth day of Spring Fever 2016, Nawazuddin Siddiqui talked about cinema, his journey and life, and his highly anticipated book which Penguin Random House is publishing later this year. He was in conversation with Poonam Saxena. Renowned journalist Rituparna Chatterjee, co-author of the forthcoming book, was also present at the discussion.

Nawazuddin had come to the venue after a shooting of his latest romantic movie and appeared very excited about his new role, where he will be paired with Amy Jackson, a British model and actress. This is far from his usually roles which are often of hard men. He recalled how he was once afraid of even talking to girls, and on moving to Delhi after years in his small town, was very puzzled to learn that women here smoked and drank. He confessed that he had once thought of them as bad, but said he was wrong to think so as smoking or drinking does not in any way reflect anyone’s character.

He recalled how he used to act on the roads of Mumbai to gain some exposure, but work was hard to come by. He tried nonetheless and was grateful for any role that was offered even it was just a scene. He is grateful still and despite having worked with many Bollywood giants, is willing to do any scene that might come his way with his complete dedication.

“I have to do justice to the characters that I play,” he said, and pointed out that his character in Gangs of Wasseypur which he was most lauded for was his most challenging. He also mentioned that being a star now was difficult than he had once imagined it to be as it does not enable him to travel as frequently as he would have liked, or alone.

Anyone can become a star, he said. But to be an actor it requires professionalism. He said he was very thankful to Anuraag Kashyap for giving him direction, and the many actors that he has worked with for their wisdom and opportunity.


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