Goddess Durga for breast cancer

Artist Sid Ghosh honours women who battle breast cancer with an illustration of the goddess Durga.

Artist Sid Ghosh honours women who battle breast cancer with an illustration of the goddess Durga.

Sid GhoshGraphic artist and designer Sid Ghosh has been surrounded by strong women all his life. In a tribute to these women and their strength, he decided to create an illustration in honour of breast cancer awareness. He chose the image of Adi Shakti, the goddess Durga, portraying her with a shaved head, arms across her chest, with the beautiful, strong and calm visage associated with the goddess.

He tells us, “Women are so strong. A woman’s beauty is intrinsic to her personality. But, a woman with breast cancer doesn’t think twice before shaving her head, losing her eyebrows and dealing with the possible loss of her breasts.” I don’t believe these physical attributes define a woman. Her beauty is eternal and goes way beyond it. And, who better than the goddess Durga, the symbol of feminine strength, to portray these strong women? The artist also believes, “October was breast cancer awareness month. But, we should celebrate these women every day of the year.”

Here’s Sid Ghosh in his own words, “This is my ode to real-life Durgas. October was the month of breast cancer awareness, an annual campaign to educate people about this condition, which is the most prevalent form of cancer. October was also dedicated to Adi Shakti, the Goddess, Devi, the Supreme Being. She is Shakti, the creator and protector of her family, struggling to win the toughest battles not only for herself, but also for the ones who love and depend on her. It’s not easy for a woman to know that she is suffering from breast cancer. But she overcomes her pain, both physical and mental, with the last vestiges of her strength and emerges victorious, stronger and more passionate than ever.”

He concludes, “She is the real Durga, a pillar of strength and an inspiration for many who can’t think and look beyond external beauty.”

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