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Don’t lose your identity, SRK tells fans

Shah Rukh Khan met up with his biggest fans— Deepak Kalra, Shriya Pareek and Devangana—at his home Mannat courtesy #fame, India’s live video social platform.

SRK sings Gerua with famestar Shriya

SRK sings Gerua with Shriya Pareek

Shah Rukh Khan’s film Fan has a message for fans—don’t lose your identity even as you worship your hero. Instead, aim at becoming your own best self.

Recently, Shah Rukh Khan met up with his biggest fans— Deepak Kalra, Shriya Pareek and Devangana—at his home Mannat and revealed 10 things about himself, courtesy #fame, India’s live video social platform.

  • Shah Rukh Khan is very forgetful as a person and has difficulty remembering names and dates. During school days he used to study history by rote learning
  • Even today he calls his son Aryan, ‘Karan’ sometimes and his daughter ‘Farah’. Suhana corrects him
  • Unlike his character Aryan Khanna in the film, Shah Rukh Khan never stayed in hotel Delite. He had spent a couple of nights sleeping under the flyover at Queen’s Necklace during his struggling days.
  • His son, AbRam loved Fan and the fact that he could see two two daddys! Abram also got scared watching the climax sequence.
  • He loves Chhole Bhature from Delhi and has it only when he visits the city. He does not like the way it’s made in Mumbai.
  • Shah Rukh Khan’s Saturday was spent reading the reviews of Fan and he was glad that the critics unanimously praised his performance. He then watched the Kolkata Knight Riders match at a friend’s place and interacted with his fans.
SRK with Deepak Kalra, a fan

SRK with Deepak Kalra, a fan

  • He does not see his films after the first trial. The only two films that he has seen more than once are Kuch Kuch Hota Hai and Baazigar. He also showed these movies to Aryan and Suhana when they grew up.
  • He revealed that the study room (where he was beaming from) was his favourite place since it had no distractions and he sits there when he needs some peace. He gets his physiotherapy and costume trials done there. He sits on his desk when he wants to feel official with his Padmashri behind him.
  • He spoke about his fans like Gaurav in real life. He said he had met fans like these, including girls who had run away from home, wanting to meet him to become actresses. He immediately informed their parents and made them understand. He also said that parents should encourage their kids if they desire to become actors.

He mentioned that an ideal fan should have their own identity. They should know that the stars appreciate them all the time. During the live session, Shah Rukh Khan engaged in a fun Jabra dance session. He also sang ‘Yeh ladka hain deewana’ from Kuch Kuch Hota Hain and ‘Gerua’ from his last film, Dilwale and engaged in a round of dialogue mash-up with Devangana.

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