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A perfect Goodbye to Year 2015

Everyone is talking about welcoming 2016, but Sahar Gharachorlou recommends closures before any new opening, knowing the balance and carry forwards.

By Sahar Gharachorlou

Sahar Gharachorlou

Sahar Gharachorlou

Everyone is talking about welcoming 2016; I believe in closures before any new opening, knowing the balance and carry forwards.

Let’s close 2015 in joy and grace.

Here are some tips that may help you have a clear road map before you jump into 2016.

  1. Pick up your journal (if you don’t have any, rush to the market and get one or order online; for now just pen down).
    2. Go through your bucket list (WISHLIST) and see how many you managed.
    3. Have a fair understanding of how 2015 went by. I am not talking about finances, I am talking about you…How was your state of being? Were you being or were you only doing with no sense of your being?
    4. Note if you are happy with how life flowed at all levels? If not, note what you did not like.
    5. Now let’s conclude; first of all forgive yourself for the flaws, all those places you did not stand up to your expectation. (Best would be if you stand in front of a mirror and forgive yourself for all that went not so right, once you do that you would feel a lot lighter and now it’s time to look into your own eyes in the mirror and Love yourself for all that you did. Tell yourself how precious you are and how well you managed.)
    6. Pay Gratitude to yourself for pulling it so well so far.
    7. Now remember the people who were not so kind and forgive them too, remember they did the best they knew.
    8. Send them love and blessings.
    9. Pay Gratitude to all the people and situations you encountered as everyone and every moment helped you grow more.
    10. Tell the Universe you are now ready for the most amazing year of your life so far and you know the Universe would always support you.

Happy Ending 2015


(Sahar Gharachorlou is an internationally licenced Life Coach, Trainer and Therapist. She teaches and practices about 50 therapies and holistic healing modalities. She also trains people who wish to become Trainers/ Seminar Leaders and therapists. Get in touch with her at or log on to

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