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5 Reasons to Buy a Handmade Carpet

Start the love affair of a lifetime with handmade carpets, which can last generations, says Kavita Chaudhary, Director–Design and Development, Jaipur Rugs.

Kavita Chaudhary, Design Head, Jaipur Rugs

Kavita Chaudhary, Design Head, Jaipur Rugs

Start the love affair of a lifetime with handmade carpets, which can last generations, says Kavita Chaudhary, Director–Design and Development, Jaipur Rugs.

Each rug has a story

A handmade rug can take months, sometimes more than a year to complete. And one single rug goes through 180 hands in the entire process of making, thus bringing in numerous beautiful stories attached to it. It weaves stories of the Katwari (spinner), who makes the thread for it, the weaver who weaves it with all her love and heart, her family and Children who complete their daily chores around it.

Tied to the country’s heritage

Handmade rugs are made of thousands of knots, beautifully interwoven together by artisans living in rural villages, practicing the art of weaving for generations. The skill of hand weaving is passed down through generations of craftsmen. Weaving is not just a part of the local heritage of these artisans; it is a part of the country’s rich culture. Buying a hand knotted rug is a contribution towards promoting and preserving this age-old craft as well as the lives of the artists.

Incomparable qualityLR-Jaipur Rugs2

Hand-knotted carpets have a much better quality than the ones made on machines. As each knot in the rug is woven manually by the artisan, it ensures fine quality throughout the process and eliminates any shortcomings in the fabric.

Perfection in imperfection

The beauty of handmade lies in the uniqueness in its imperfections. Handmade rugs are so intricately handcrafted that it’s tremendously challenging to duplicate the exact pattern and hence, each carpet is unique like a great piece of art or sculpture.

Bonds for life

Just like an old bottle of wine or an authentic French cheese, a handmade carpet, if taken care of properly, will certainly increase in value over the years and can be passed on through generations as a token of love as well as a form of an investment.

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